Thermal insulation benefits provided by THERMOTOP

Advantages over polystyrene

The numerous advantages make THERMOTOP the main option and the logical choice in terms of thermal insulation, thermal rehabilitation, building enveloping or lining


“L” joinery on all 4 sides
Improved fire resistance, compared to traditional polystyrene
Avoidance of the thermal bridge phenomenon, due to the joinery ensuring thermal insulation continuity
Resistant to chemicals and petroleum based solvents (gasoline, bug sprays, adhesives) fungi and rodents
Thermal conductivity: 0.022 W/mk.
Chemically inert and safe to use
Reduced thicknesses of the plates compared to the thermal resistance provided
Maintenance of resistance and thermo-technical parameters for several decades
Insulation up to 100% greater than traditional materials
Easy to handle and install
Does not allow the protrusion of moisture
Ideal for both new buildings as well as for renovations
Lets the walls breathe