For civil, industrial and agricultural constructions, THERMOTOP plates are the ideal alternative for exterior thermal insulation systems and insulation of buildings, by offering double insulation against mineral wool or traditional expanded polystyrene.
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Thermotop is a new product, with a wide range of applicability - insulation system for roofs, facades, walls, slabs, floors, ceilings, concrete and metal structures.
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THERMOTOP plates are the first option for the thermal insulation of buildings by: the insulation degree, the mechanical resistance, the applicability area, the easy installation, the variety of finishes.
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There are 3 alternatives for each of the two thermal insulation support surfaces:
Aluminum foil (AL)
Fiber glass (FG)
Steam barriers (BV)

Advantages of THERMOTOP Panels

THERMOTOP is thermo-insulating board used for thermal rehabilitations and which may be used for a wide range of surfaces: flooring, walls, facades, roofs or dropped ceiling. THERMOTOP boards are becoming the best option in terms of the thermal insulation of buildings for the insulation level, mechanical strength, scope, easy installation and variety of finishing options.

Prices and offers

Thermotop - Double izolation, compared to mineral wool / expanded polystyrene coefficient 0.022 w / mk