For civil, industrial, and agricultural constructions, THERMOTOP boards are the ideal choice for external wall insulation and building insulation system, providing thermal insulation performance up to 100% higher compared to mineral wool or expanded polystyrene.
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The range of PIR foam insulation from THERMOTOP offers advanced technical and economical solutions for insulating walls, floors, pitched roofs, accessible/inaccessible terraces, slabs, concrete, and metallic structures.
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THERMOTOP boards stand as the foremost choice for thermal insulation in buildings, distinguished by their exceptional insulation efficacy, mechanical robustness, broad applicability, straightforward installation, and diverse finishing options.
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THERMOTOP is a variable-thickness insulation board made of PIR foam, suitable for a wide range of thermal insulation applications, including walls, floors, walkable/ non-walkable roof terraces, and framed roofs. THERMOTOP insulation systems have been specifically developed to address the current demands for energy efficiency and thermal comfort in construction, offering a superior alternative to traditional products.


THERMOTOP, a PIR insulation board, is highly recommended for thermal rehabilitation projects and new constructions, offering versatility across surfaces like floors, walls, facades, roofs, or accessible/inaccessible terraces. THERMOTOP boards stand out as the optimal choice for thermal needs, boasting superior insulation, mechanical resilience, wide applicability, effortless installation, and compatibility with various finishes.


THERMOTOP thermal insulation boards are available in two variants:

Prices and offers for THERMOTOP

Check the prices per m2 for our entire range of THERMOTOP thermal insulation boards - the only system that offers twice the insulation compared to mineral wool / expanded polystyrene, with a coefficient of 0.022 w/mk

THERMOTOP - PIR thermal insulation boards